A very unique and effective way to learn driving to say the least. In my training which lasted 6 days, Edwin Sir took me through narrow streets, highways, and also in highly congested roads where you literally need to wait for hours to get across. I am now confident enough to drive on my own, knowing the various things to take into account while driving in different situations first hand. – Navneeth Nair
It is the best driving school, Mr.Edwin has lot of PATIENCE while teaching. He has lot of techniques on how to drive safely and also what to do in critical moments. Within a short period of time, the fear of driving on the road will be vanished and you can become a "ROAD KING ". – Beema Hashim
My wife had a good experience while learning driving from Edwin. She now drives to school on her own without any difficulty. She learnt various techniques within a reasonable amount of time. Thank you Edwin! – Jayakrishnan Kodassery

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